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Specializing in wild, artisan, and exotic foods, all picked, produced, or grown sustainably by loving hands.  

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From Farm, Field, Stream and Forest.

Wild Purveyors was born of shared passions and dreams, with a profound love of exceptional food, and an enduring love and respect for nature.  The founders, brothers Thomas and Cavan Patterson, grew up in and around Pennsylvania forests enjoying the wild and exploring the bounty that mother nature has to offer.  Having spent many years in commercial catering kitchens early in his working career, and in conjunction with early restaurant clients, Cavan quickly developed a great appreciation and understanding of fine foods.  Tom, having majored in horticulture and minoring in plant pathology and mycology at Penn State, drove his desire to focus his interests on everything growing.  These shared passions led to a melding of knowledge and skill that brought local wild mushrooms out of the forest in our hands, and into local restaurants. The relationships formed with those original chefs led us to the life we lead today; sourcing exceptional exotic foods from sustainable farms and producers, in addition to wild foods from all over Pennsylvania and beyond.

The original inception of the business was formed in 2009, with the first year largely operated out of a grey 2000 Jeep Cherokee.  In those early days, the focus, standards, and core values that we formed around our product offerings (seasonal wild mushrooms) and procurement practices (our hands) laid the foundation for what Wild Purveyors has grown into today.  Where our focus has been dialed in and out over the years (with a retail location come and gone), our standards and core values have been honed and solidified. 

We started out as a wholesale supplier, bringing our bounty of that days pick of local wild mushrooms to the backdoor of exceptional restaurants, to haggle and barter with excellent chefs.  The retail store that arose between then and now, was a labor of love that unfortunately never grew to carry its own weight. We continue now, stronger, with greater reach and a refined focus as a wholesale supplier of outstanding foods. 

To this day we offer wholesale local wild mushrooms (seasonally picked by our hands of course), along with a full line of local pastured meats, artisan and farmstead cheeses, certified organic produce, raw honey and PA maple syrup, and other exceptional Pennsylvania foods.  Additionally, we offer exceptional choice wild products from sustainable domestic and international sources, as well as outstanding exotic meats and cheeses that meet our strict quality standards. 

Working with dozens of farms and producers around Pennsylvania as well as strategic partners and suppliers in other parts of the world, we offer a full line of outstanding products to supply your restaurants and retail stores.  Along with the exceptional foods that we provide, we are able to coordinate custom produced and branded products. 

Please contact us for our a complete list of product offerings and services. 

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