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Specializing in wild, artisan, and exotic foods, all picked, produced, or grown sustainably by loving hands.  

Wholesale delivery available in the greater Pittsburgh region, and other select areas of Pennsylvania.  Please inquire for our wholesale product guide.





Working with various farmstead and artisan cheese makers throughout Pennsylvania, we have found some of the finest cheeses the state has to offer. Carefully crafted, the majority of the cheeses we offer are raw milk cheeses aged to a minimum of 60 days.  This old world approach to the art of cheese making provides some of the boldest flavors, elegantly enhancing the earthy notes of the grasses and pastures from which these fine dairies raise their livestock.

We offer a wide array of cow, sheep and goat milk cheeses.  Well over 130 varieties of cheese in total currently, sourced from 9 different dairies, all featuring their own unique flavors and textures.


Alpine Style Swiss
Blue styles
Bloomy rinds
Cheddar (aged sharp and mild)
Feta (cow's and goat's)
Gouda styles (aged varieties)
Blended milk cheeses
Smoked cheese
Manchego styles
Romano styles
Swiss styles
Tomme styles

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