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Dairy (prorated)

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Dairy (prorated)


Many of our market-goers rely on us for fresh, pasture-raised eggs and delicious artisanal cheeses. Each share includes two dozen pastured-raised chicken eggs and one 8 oz wedge of handcrafted cheese. All of the creameries we source from hold the highest standards for quality, both in the cheese they make and the milk their cows, goats, or sheep produce.

Price includes TWO shares.

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Sample Shares

Below are two sample dairy CSA shares:

  • 2 dozen eggs, 8 oz Clover Creek's Tussey Mountain Emmenthaler-style cheese
  • 2 dozen eggs, 8 oz Hidden Hills' Gold Gouda-style cheese

Pick-up Information

Your personalized box will be delivered bi-weekly to the location you choose at checkout. Shares are available for pick-up only. Delivery dates, pick-up locations and times are shown below.   

Delivery Dates:

Tuesday Pick-Ups:

  • December 1 and December 15

Thursday Pick-Ups:

  • December 3 and December 17


  • Kretschmann Family Organic Farm (farm set locations and times)

Times and Locations:

Tuesday Pick-Ups:

  • (Highland Park) The Union Project: Tuesday, noon - 7pm

  • (North Side) New Hazlett Theater: Tuesday, noon - 2pm

  • (South Side) Amazing Cafe: Tuesday, noon- 2pm

  • (Lawrenceville) Lucid Chiropractic: Tuesday, 4pm - 7pm

  • (Squirrel Hill)  Dobra Tea: Tuesday, 4pm - 7pm

Thursday Pick-Ups:

  • (Lawrenceville) City Grows: Thursday, 4pm - 7pm


  • Kretschmann Family Organic Farm: farm set locations and times

Farm Bios
All of the creameries we source from hold the highest standards for quality, both in the cheese they make and the milk their cows, goats, or sheep produce. 

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar
Two hours Northeast of Pittsburgh is Ojala Farm, a 126-acre family-owned dairy farm in Blair County. Here, cows enjoy the fresh air, eating lush grass and plants during the summer days, and dry hay all winter. In 2005, Ojala farm launched Clover Creek Cheese Cellar, where they use the nutritionally dense raw milk from their cows to produce 15 varieties of cheeses. Enjoy the taste of true farmstead artisan cheese with Clover Creek Cheese.

Hidden Hills Dairy
In South Central PA, 2 hours outside Pittsburgh, the Sollenbergers have been raising award-winning cows since 1955. They give their cows and their cheese making intense attention to guarantee seven types of nutritious, creamy, delicious cheeses, like the “Allegheny,” an Italian style cheese, and the semi-soft, creamy, buttery-tasting “Buttercup,” a Wild Purveyors staff favorite.

Misty Creek Goat Dairy
The family operated Misty Creek Goat Dairy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania produces the most pure, creamy, delicious goat cheeses around. Using raw goat milk and raw cow milk, they age their cheese for 60 days to one year to produce goat cheeses, blended varieties, and cow cheeses.

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