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Wild Purveyors handmade Shrubs

Our production of shrubs was born of necessity and curiosity.  A colonial preservation method that won our hearts the first time we ended up in a banner year of Blueberries. These flavor concentrates can be used to make a slightly tangy flavored soda or salad dressing, to round out and pump up a cocktail, or anywhere in cooking.

We make 2 versions of shrub, a Cocktail Strength suitable for cocktails and nonalcoholic sodas, and a Cooking Strength that can be utilized anywhere in cooking that calls for vinegar or acid.  Both versions are made with a tried and true colonial method that consists of excellent raw ingredients, time, and a genuine palate.  The result is a flavor concentrate that is shelf stable and full of tart and delicious flavor true to the season in which it was born.

With all of our shrubs, we utilize hand foraged ingredients (mostly by our hands) along with raw ingredients sourced direct from nature, or certified organic where applicable, and vinegar.  We never use or produce products that contain stabilizers, preservatives, or any chemical additives. You'll taste nature as nature intended in all of our shrubs.

100% Pennsylvania sourced from the wild and certified organic farms

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Strength Options and recipes:

Cocktail Strength shrub is a ready to go mixer.  It is sweetened and blended for easy use in nonalcoholic (NA) beverages and sodas, and calibrated for easy mixing in cocktails.

Recipe: NA soda or flavored water

- 1 Tablespoon Shrub

- 1 cup soda or still water.

Mix ingredients, pour over ice, and serve.


Cooking Strength shrub is our unblended and only slightly sweetened full strength version suitable for cocktail experts and chefs alike, as well as the advanced home chef/bartender. Full strength shrubs can be used in place of vinegar in any recipe or cooking method to add additional flavor profiles along with acid and tartness of regular vinegars. As well, our Cooking Strength shrub can be used in any cocktail, with sweetness gauged by the bartender and flavors isolated and featured, the perfect cocktail can be mixed. 

Recipe: simple salad dressing

- 1 part Shrub

- 2 parts oil

- salt and pepper to taste

Combine ingredients in a mixing bowl, whisk briskly, dress mixed greens of choice, and serve.

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