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The available wild edible plants and mushrooms in Pennsylvania are plentiful and diverse.  Often, across the region at anytime of year, there is a wide variety of edibles within walking distance of any structure or roadway.  The key to eating wild is knowing exactly what is edible, and the species available during any given season in your region.  Knowing a large variety of species that are available during each season throughout the eastern portion of North America, we offer wild edibles foods year-round.  Having established working relationships with many farms and property owners all over Pennsylvania since our inception, locally we offer the seasons best of each wild harvest from lands throughout the state.

Whether local or regional, all of the foraged wild edibles that we offer for sale come from large tracts of pristine forests, unsullied rural fields, or the untethered outskirts of sustainable farmlands.  Practicing sustainable methods of select harvest, the foragers that we work with harvest from a mix of public and private lands.  Only working with professional foragers that are observant of the foraging laws in various public lands, and that are attentive to scientific literature and the ecological issues involving the edible species which we offer for sale, everything that we sell has been qualified in origin and identification by a licensed expert.  Through focused guidelines and detailed records, we take thoughtful care that no negative impact on local ecosystems occurs from the harvest of the wild foods that we sell.  Always of utmost importance, we endeavor to ensure that the land from which all of our wild edible offerings are harvested is always left cleaner and healthier than it was found.
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