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...and store credit sale!

When we opened our store in 2012 we tapped our customer base through Kickstarter to help with funding the store build out and it was "wildly" successful!!   ;-))

For our Wild Beer Garden Project we're skipping the funding platform (which charges an average fee of 10%) and going straight to you!

So it took longer than expected (back in 2012 as well, apparently construction is never simple) this past fall to complete construction and get Full Pint Brewing up and pouring beer next door, but now they're pouring awesome local beers and we're back to selling exceptional local foods AND now serving excellent food from our all local MENU right along with Full Pint beers!!!

So far its been a great success and now with the weather improving very soon, we're ready to open up the Beer Garden behind the Building!!!

We just need to put the money together for it and put it in.. Would you like to help us?

Our funding Goal: $20,000.  Full details and project summary.

We have some money to put toward this, though to complete the project without outside assistance, it will likely take all season to get to a point that people can enjoy the garden with tables and the full effect, so....  What options do we have?

The banks: Sure, but why pay an institution that doesn't patronize your business to facilitate a goal that they have no interest in or desire to enjoy the end result?  Why should the bank benefit more than they already do by default?

Grants and endowments: Possible, but no guarantee and it's a lot of time to sacrifice just to find out it won't go through.  

Crowdfunding Platforms: they all charge a fee. Makes sense, but why sacrifice anyone's hard earned dollar?  We're doing this so everyone can enjoy good food in a comfortable environment, and at a reasonable price.  With exceptional food, the margin is already thin.

So maybe this should be called customer advanced purchase funding???

Average night out with a friend: $50 So, will you see us at least twice this summer?

$100 now, gets you $120 in store credit, to use anytime that you'd like.

It's pretty hard (maybe impossible) to find a better return on your money. 

If you're going to help us facilitate a goal that you'll get to enjoy as well, why shouldn't you benefit?  We think you should.  So, will you help us?

Our WILD CASH is only good in our retail store but it's totally transferable and it never expires, so you can use it to come in for a meal, grab some goods to cook at home, or treat it like a Gift Certificate and give to family, friends, loved ones, coworkers, or anyone that needs the gift of some delicious, good, clean, local food.

In denominations of $5, $10, and $20, we treat it like US currency in the store. 

$10 blocks:   5% OFF (you pay $9.50 USD for every $10 of wild cash that you purchase)  $10 USD value in our store - because you're awesome and just want to help some.

$50 blocks:   10% OFF (you pay $50.00 USD and we give you $60 Wild Cash)  $60 USD value in our store - buy as many as you like, we appreciate that you love our food.

$100 blocks20% OFF (you pay $100.00 USD and receive $120 of wild cash)  $120 USD value in our store - you know a good deal when you see it, and we know you deserve more, so we have something special for you (details follow with you're purchase - THANK YOU!)

$1,000 blocks20% OFF + Private Party for 10 (you pay $1,000.00 USD and receive $1,200.00 of wild cash)  $1,200 USD value in our store.

Wild Cash is good for in store purchases only. Thank you for your support of us and all of sustainable agriculture!!

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