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Wholesale delivery available in the greater Pittsburgh region, and other select areas of Pennsylvania.  Please inquire for our wholesale product guide.




PA Mushrooms

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PA Mushrooms


Wild Purveyors has continuously provided cultivated and foraged mushrooms for our customers.  Each mushroom share will contain three varieties of mushrooms; 1 lb of common mushrooms like crimini or portabella, 1/2 lb of less common mushrooms like shiitake or oyster and 1/4 lb of exotic mushrooms like beech, miatake, royal trumpet, or a foraged variety when available.  

Price includes FOUR shares ($20/share).  

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Sample Shares

Below are two sample PA mushroom CSA shares:

  • 1 lb crimni, 1/2 lb shiitake, 1/4 foraged hen of the woods
  • 1 lb portabella, 1/2 lb oyster, 1/4 royal trumpet

Pick-up Information

To help keep shares affordable, our winter CSA is divided into three, two-month commitments. Your personalized box will be delivered bi-weekly to the location you choose at checkout. Shares are available for pick-up only. Delivery dates, pick-up locations and times are shown below.   

Delivery Dates:

Tuesday Pick-Ups:

  • Round 2: January 5, January 19, February 2, February 16
  • Round 3: March 1, March 15, March 29, April 12

Thursday Pick-Ups:

  • Round 2: January 7, January 21, February 4, February 18


  • Kretschmann Family Organic Farm (farm set locations and times)

Times and Locations:

Tuesday Pick-Ups:

  • (Highland Park) The Union Project: Tuesday, 4pm - 7pm

  • (North Side) New Hazlett Theater: Tuesday, noon - 2pm

  • (Lawrenceville) Lucid Chiropractic: Tuesday, 4pm - 7pm

  • (Squirrel Hill)  Dobra Tea: Tuesday, 4pm - 7pm


  • Kretschmann Family Organic Farm: farm set locations and times

Farm Bios

Phillips Mushroom Farms
n Kennett Square, PA, Phillips Mushroom Farms is producing 200 million pounds of mushrooms annually. William W. Phillips began mushroom farming in 1920, and his early temperature control experiments were a significant breakthrough for the mushroom industry, allowing mushrooms to be grown year round. Still family owned, Phillips Mushroom Farms distributes common, exotic, and dried mushrooms to all 50 States. 

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